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Necklace Lady Emma. Antique glass beads, brass wire. This item is part of a private collection, but similar pieces can be made in a variety of colours. Price: ca 110 EUR
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Close up of the necklace Lady Emma
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Malin wearing Lady Emma.
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Necklace Baroness. Antique glass beads, brass wire and brass chain. This item is for sale! Price: 30 EUR
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Detail of the necklace Baroness. The necklace is inspired by pieces worn in 15th century Italy. Similar pieces can be made in a variety of colours and materials.
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Flower Wreath Ezabella. This wreath, made from brass wire, brass sheet and glass pearls, is inspired by various 14th and 15th century paintings. Suitable bor both the romantic bride and historical reenactors. This item is in a private collection, but similar can be made. Price: ca 220 EUR
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Flower Wreath Ezabella (details)
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The Prince of Saxony - Lucas Cranach the_Elder - 1517
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Salome with the Head of St. John the Baptist - Lucas Cranach the Elder - first half of 15th century
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Long Loops of Black and White
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  Flower Wreath Ezabella (details)
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