Welcome to Sparkling Follies!

On this page you will find a range of varied and completely unique jewellery - all designed and made by me, Johanna Lundquist.

Over the last year, I have focused on bridal jewellery, especially bridal headpieces, crowns, tiaras, jewelled combs and hairpins. I also design unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles and more. Some of my designs can be seen on this site, but others are still being competed and will be here on Sparkling Follies very soon.

My materials

I use a great mix of materials: copper, brass, silver, semi-precious stones, gold leaf, glass beads, pearls, antique bits-and-pieces found in flea-markets, even plastics and rubber… anything I find that suits the design. And I am not afraid to mix precious materials with everyday ones.

Unika smycken

My jewellery is not mass-produced. Each and every piece is unique - but I can make similar ones if asked. Most of my jewellery is custom made. This does mean a longer delivery time - but it also means that you, as a client, can specify the design, the choice of material and colours. Some of the things you can see in my gallery have already found their way into private collections but I can make similar ones if asked. The prices for these pieces are approximate and depend on the choice of materials, your special wishes and so on.

Some of the pictures in the gallery, though, depict actual items that are for sale. With a little luck, you will be able to own the piece you see in the picture.


I hope you will enjoy browsing my site. Feel free to write me an E-mail or call me if you have questions - and why not sign my guest book?